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EXAMEN 20/20:
A Self-Guided Retreat

Making Sense of Your Past Year

Look back over your past year with God using the 5 steps of St. Ignatius' Examen Prayer as a roadmap--I will guide you in:

  • Centering prayer and gratitude exercises

  • Lectio Divina to listen for God

  • The Examen Prayer to review your year

  • Lament and imaginative prayer exercises 

  • Discerning next faithful steps

  • Creating a visual reminder of your word and Scripture for the year

  • And more!


This retreat is completely self-guided, but can be done in community with others. You can go at your own pace, but it is recommended that it be done in a half day or spread across 5 consecutive days. And if you would like to continue your soul care journey with me afterwards, you can contact me for coaching to process what you experienced.


Once purchased, it can be accessed at any time and the retreat repeated on a yearly basis to cultivate an annual practice of Examen.

**Note: Materials list is in the downloadable PDF linked in the first  minute of video.

Examen 20/20 Retreat Video
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Actor, Virginia Tucker Film

Los Angeles, CA

"Her Examen 2020 event is INCREDIBLE. She truly knocks it out of the park! Every detail is so thought out and well done. It’s such an awesome, therapeutic, Jesus-creative, inspired lovefest!"

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